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Other products:

This program allows for voice (sound) computer control. Commands are recorded with the help of a microphone and matched to their respective functions. When the recorded command is repeated JetVoice then performs the function. Commands are however not limited to those of audio character; a command can be the pressing of a key, the placing of the mouse into a certain position, the opening of the CD-ROM, or whatever is preferred by the user.

By 1 key

By 1 key
At present, we are in the process of completing a program that will allow the user to write texts with the use of only one button. This program is connected to a simple word processor and allows the user to organize and send e-mails. While developing this program, we have been co-operating with individuals that are able to move only certain parts of their body (for example, their big toe).

Passive Watching

Another piece of software that is in development is a program called Passive Watching. This Program is for the diagnosis and stimulation of visually impaired children of an early age (up to the age of 5) and alternatively for a child’s first contact with a computer. An integral part of all program exercises will be the programs reaction to a single hit of a single independent button.


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