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Řepčínská 82
779 00 OLOMOUC

We are a small company that has been developing original software for handicapped children for the past 6 years. We have no competition in the Czech or Slovak Republics, and consist of the only company dealing with this particular task in our country. While creating our line of specialized software we gradually came to produce accessories that allow for alternative methods of computer operation. The majority of accessories that would otherwise be possible to import are too expensive for our organization not to mention Czech and Slovak families.

Our products:
Access programs

At present, over 500 institutions for handicapped children are making use of our programs and accessories. PETIT combines specialists in the fields of software development, children’s psychology and special education and takes advantage of their knowledge and experience in the creation and application of computer programs made to cater to the needs of handicapped children.
We also try our best to help families and institutions locate people that are willing to give away their computers for purpose of expansion and education of handicapped children. Within the scope of a campaign called May the Strong help the weaker, we managed to collect nearly 100 used computers which are now serving the young and handicapped.
May the Strong help the weaker                                          
We are very enthused to have the opportunity to introduce our programs to you. As they are gradually being translated into English, there are presently two programs with completed English versions: Let’s Play Math, and JetVoice – if you should be interested don’t hesitate to inform us and we will send you a demo. We would also appreciate if you could give us some feedback on which programs you feel would fit best into your market to give us an idea of which programs we should translate first. Naturally, provided you should like to distribute some of our software, you will be given priority.
Although we do put effort into modifying all of our programs to fit the needs of the handicapped (not only in content, but also in terms of alternative methods of control), our accessories and software are also fitting to be used by children of a young age. Our programs can be operated with the help of, for example: the use of a single key, by scanning or by the computers distinction between a long and short compression of either a key or external button.

Our products:
Access programs


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