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Other products:
Access programs

We would also like to introduce several accessories that facilitate computer operation. We ensure their production.

Large wooden switch, Sensor switch
Large wooden switch and sensor switch
Large wooden switch
(wooden buddy–buttons)
These switches are made for us by a company that deals mainly with the production of wooden toys for kids. The switches are made of wood and are available in different shapes and colors (square, rectangular, circular, and triangular). The active surface is 80 x 80 mm, and the switches height is 35 mm.

Sensor switch
Made of black plastic, a rectangular switch with an active surface of 40 x 40 mm and a height of 18 mm. Contact is simultaneously accompanied by a control light (LED diode).

Switch Interface

Switch Interface
An adapter to which up to 7 large surface area switches can be attached for operation of basic functions (Enter, Esc, Space and cursor buttons) along side of which a standard keyboard can be attached. Programs can then be operated with the use of the switches or the keyboard. The switches perform which ever function they are allocated to according to the porthole to which they are connected.

Adapted Mouse
Adapted Mouse
This mouse can be used with programs that can be operated with the use of one or two keys. For example, in situations when the space bar is used to situate a cursor and Enter key is used to select the option. The principle of the Adapted Mouse is the redirecting of the left and right mouse buttons to two external switches. The resident program “ MouseMadness” then assigns the left and right mouse buttons the functions of the space bar and Enter key respectively. When there is a change of programs, or when the program is switched off, the mouse retains its standard function. The Adapted mouse can therefore be a valuable aid to those who can not operate a normal mouse.

Sensor Keyboard
Sensor Keyboard
The Sensor Keyboard can be simultaneously connected to a PC with a standard keybord allowing for simultaneous use. It also includes a switch that enables the user to disconnect the special keyboard from the computer at any time. The standard KIS6 keyboard has 6 functional panels (4 cursor keys, an Enter key, and Esc). The Keyboard is covered with a removable pane of plexiglas under which a pad indicating key function is placed.

Length: 370 mm; Width: 185 mm; Height: 20-40 mm; Plexiglas thickness: 4 mm; Active button surfaces: 30 x 30 mm; Length of connecting cable: 1 meter


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